Local job fair Returns to Chico BMU


Students went to each booth and talked with recruiters about potential employments. Photo credit: Hana Beaty

The Chico Career Center held its local job fair at the BMU, on Wednesday, Sept. 4, with 14 on-campus hiring departments and 45 community employers looking to hire for part-time, full-time and internship positions.

Students search for prospective jobs. Photo credit: Carolyn Allen

The Career Center here at Chico State aims to give students new job opportunities through various job fairs.

“We’re trying to provide a service to students. If you want to work while you go to school here’s an opportunity or if you’re wanting to stay local after you graduate,” Career Center director Megan Odom said.

The BMU quickly filled with students looking for jobs. Eric Hanley of Markstein Beverage Company said he had already met with 20 students within the first 20 minutes.

With regards to how students should communicate with prospective employers, Hanley said, “Sell yourself, say what you want to do or think you’re interested in and make yourself available to any opportunities given.”

There are many instances in which students can interact with employers including Handshake, an online networking and career site.

“We’re an on-campus job and so we use Handshake a lot and have had a lot of people send in applications so far and hopefully we’ll get some more before tomorrow,” David Field of rec club sports said.

However, Handshake isn’t always enough to secure employment.

Freshman Taliyah Taylor said she had applied to a variety of online postings from Handshake without reply.

“I’ve been looking around online with Handshake and really no one got back to me so I felt like the job fair was the best opportunity for me to connect with employers,” Taylor said.

Taylor left the fair having handed out many of her resumes and securing an interview with the business she was most interested in.

“Students coming here, one it gives them exposure to jobs that exist both on and off-campus in the community and two it’s a good professional development opportunity because they are having face to face conversations with and employers,” Odom said.

The Career Center has many upcoming events to aid students getting jobs, including the Business Career Fair on Sept. 25, which is mainly for students interested in working in the business industry. In addition, there is Rock Your Resume Sept. 17, which will help students tailor their resumes for potential jobs.

For more information contact the Chico State Career Center.

Carolyn Allen can be reached at [email protected]