Improvement for Local Parks in Butte County’s Ballot

On March 3, there will be a parcel tax measure on the ballot in Butte County. One of the most talked about propositions is “Measure A” which will fund the improvement of local parks.

If voters were to vote “Yes” on Measure A in the ballot, it would cost the average homeowner an $85 increase on taxes per year.

The measure will ensure the reduction of ‘’crime and homelessness in parks by providing security guards to patrol parks,’’ according to the Chico Area Recreation and Park District (CARD) official website. 

Approximately $3 million will be utilized for the funding of improving different local parks that are in Butte County.

The money will be spent to hire security guards in the different parks located in Chico, upgraded lighting, parking and other safety measures, repair of aging recreation centers, expanding parks and trails and ensuring accessibility of parks to people with disabilities. 

“All voters living within the boundaries of CARD who are registered voters will be eligible to vote on this ballot measure,” stated the CARD official website.

The vote needs to win ⅔ in order to pass as a tax measure in Butte County.

Keyla De Los Santos can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter @keyladls.