Jon Gruden is gone and rightfully so


Javier Hernandez

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The $100 million man is gone from the Las Vegas Raiders after completing just four years out of his 10-year contract. His record over that span was 22-31 with zero playoff appearances. 

He should have been kicked from the team because of his terrible performance, but his racist, homophobic and misogynistic comments gave Raiders owner Mark Davis no other choice. 

Except, it wasn’t Davis’ choice. Gruden resigned on Oct. 12 when more degrading remarks were published from his past.

This is where the Raiders blundered . 

There was no statement made addressing the situation — which is wrong. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers removed Gruden from their Ring of Honor and made a statement regarding the situation. 

How can a team that Gruden wasn’t employed by handle this better than the Raiders, the team he coached for?

It’s a shame they didn’t address this appropriately considering the Raiders are known as advocates for diversity and inclusion. They had the first ever African American head coach, the second ever Hispanic head coach and the first ever female CEO in the NFL. 

A Raiders’ poster with their motto “Commitment to Excellence”

A press conference was set for general manager Mike Mayock and interim head coach Rich Bissachia, but they made Davis unavailable.

They threw those two men under the bus instead of having their owner face the heat of the press. This is a show of poor leadership and left a lot of unanswered questions. 

All things considered, both men did a great job of addressing the media and talking about what is next for the Raiders. 

This isn’t the first time in the past year that the Raiders dealt with a social justice issue in an unfortunate incident . 

On April 20,  the Raiders tweeted “I can breathe” to show support for Chauvin’s conviction in George Floyd’s case against police brutality. That backfired real quick.

The tweet was fully endorsed and published by Davis. This was very insensitive and felt like a mockery to the movement of Floyd. 

Now let’s talk about Gruden. 

This is shameful behavior and shouldn’t be tolerated, ever.

People say “It was 10 years ago, he didn’t know better.” Please stop, he was 48-years-old when these emails were sent. His age isn’t a reason to justify his actions.

“Cancel culture is dumb,” was a comment I kept seeing people use to defend his actions. This isn’t about canceling someone, this is about holding a grown man accountable for his disgusting actions. 

I can’t understand how he can be ignorant and send out these disgusting emails that do nothing but cause damage. 

I hope he gets the help he needs to become a better human, but hopefully he isn’t back on an NFL roster anytime soon or rather ever. 

A last message to the National Football League, I appreciate you helping terminate Gruden and his gross actions.

Now release the rest of the emails. It’s time to hold everyone accountable.

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