Wildcats draw with Gators on senior night


Mason Tovani

Wildcats preparing for overtime on Friday night.

The Chico State Women’s Soccer team didn’t get the result they were looking for as they tied with The San Francisco State Gators 0-0 on Friday night.

110 minutes were played at University Stadium and the Wildcats were unable to put one in the back of the net. 

Two goals were overturned by the referees, one coming from a foul in the penalty box before the shot in the first half and the other coming from an offside call in the second half. Both goals were celebrated by the team and fans only to hear the whistle and watch as the ref waved them off. 

Despite an unfortunate draw, the Wildcats celebrated three seniors Friday night, a big part of the success the team had this year and years prior. 

Defenders Jordan Doukakis and Kylie Martinez, and midfielder Sarah Emigh spoke about their time in the soccer program, Friday night’s game and their plans after they graduate.

For senior midfielder Sarah Emigh, having her family by her side was special.

Photo courtesy of Chico State Athletics
Senior midfielder Sarah Emigh dribbling past the keeper.

“My family is my biggest support system and I wouldn’t be here without them,” Emigh said. “So having the opportunity to share this special day with them meant the world to me.” 

Despite one of her goals being called back, Emigh said she was a bit disappointed but couldn’t be too upset after the game because everyone came out and gave their best effort. 

“I have nothing but amazing memories to look back on, but all good things must come to an end.”

Kylie Martinez

Senior defender Kylie Martinez played all 110 minutes on Friday night and said that while the result wasn’t what they wanted, it was a memorable senior night. 

Each player had nothing but great things to say about their time in the soccer program and were very clear to mention it was the best time of their life. 

“This program made me a part of something larger than myself and has provided me with a family at Chico State,” Martinez said. “I wouldn’t trade this ride for the world, I can’t thank my coaches and family enough.”

Photo courtesy of Chico State Athletics
Senior defender Kylie Martinez taking a shot on goal.

Emigh said she can’t help but think about the time she’s had here as it’s almost over. 

“As it’s coming to an end, I’m really just reveling and enjoying every moment,” Emigh said. “I can truly look back and say these have been the best years of my life – I am who I am today because of this program and the people involved in it. 

Similar to Emigh, Jordan Doukakis said her time in the program has shaped her and helped her grow into who she is now and is glad to have made friends she says will last a lifetime. 

“I can’t thank everyone involved enough, it’s taught me so many life lessons that will stick with me throughout my life,” Doukakis said. 

Photo courtesy of Dominic Curcuro/Chico State Athletics
Senior defender Jordan Doukakis taking the ball out of the back.

As the season comes to a close, all three players described it as a bittersweet feeling, and causes a lot of sadness. 

“It’s bittersweet talking about hanging up the cleats and moving on, I’m excited to get out into the real world and am eager to find a job in the marketing world,” Martinez said. “I have nothing but amazing memories to look back on, but all good things must come to an end.” 

Every player is excited to move on from playing the game. 

“I will definitely be around the next season at every game being the loudest I can in the stands cheering for my teammates,” Emigh said. “I’m secretly hoping somehow coach asks me to stay and be a part of the team somehow.” 

Emigh has two more semesters in the nursing program and she is looking toward her future as a nurse. 

Martinez is eager to get a job in the marketing field after she hangs up her boots.

As for Doukakis, she will finish out the year at Chico State and wants to pursue a career in selling medical supplies. 

The Wildcats are losing three players on the field, and more importantly, leaders in the locker room. They embody what it means to be a Chico State athlete, every teammate who came before and after them can attest to that. 

They have four more games in the season before the playoffs and each match is a chance to finish strong.

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