Not so distant: For some students the Ukraine-Russia war is personal



Photo of Sasha Stanislovoich and Steven Svidel. Individual photos courtesy of Stanislovich and Svidel, then collaged by Molly Myers Oct. 21, 2022.

Over 6,000 miles away, the war in Ukraine can feel distant and foreign, but for some Chico State Students the war hits all too close to home. This month news editor Molly Myers spoke with two students regarding their feelings and beliefs on the war. She first spoke with Sasha Stanislavovich, a Chico State student who grew up in Russia. Next, she spoke with Steven Svidel, a Chico State student who grew up in Israel with Ukrainian parents. They talked about what the war means to them and their families, and how the war has impacted their lives today here in America. Listen below.