Glance at alternative homeless camp on Eaton and Cohasset Road 


Photo of alternative homeless camp in Chico. Photo taken by Mawil Mateo

Glance at alternative homeless camp on Eaton and Cohasset Road 

The City of Chico and Chico Police Department began removing unauthorized vehicles and people from the alternative homeless camp on Eaton and Cohasset Road on March 20, according to an article by Action News Now. 

This comes after enforcement notices were distributed to more than 30 people on March 8.

ANN says the camp became home to more than four dozen homeless people after the camp opened last year, though only nine were authorized by the city.

The Torres Community Shelter houses up to 140 people and as of Wednesday there are 27 open spaces. There are 20 spaces open at the Pallet Shelter as of Thursday.

Some of the people living at the camp do not qualify for programs like the Pallet Shelter and TCS due to criminal records and drug use. 

Those who do not qualify for these programs can move to the other two alternative camps opened by the city, according to ANN. They are both located across the street of the Eaton and Cohasset camp.

One alternative site resident, Cynthia Johnson, ended up homeless after her pit bull, Grayson, was killed by her landlord’s dogs.

“So that’s why I’m here, that’s why I’m homeless,” Johnson said. “We are not camping, we don’t have a fire pit and are not roasting marshmallows. We’re just surviving.”

Cameraman: Mario Ortiz